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Performance Automotive Shop & Dyno Engine Tuning

Performance Engine Tuning and Diagnostics | Dallas Fort-Worth Saginaw, Tx.

Cartune Performance specializes in the high performance tuning of street cars, race cars, motorcycles, and trucks. Our goal is simple: We strive to be the best performance automotive shop & dyno engine tuner in the Dallas Fort Worth Saginaw Texas area. We work hard to stay current on new ways to produce maximum horsepower & fuel economy in every application. With over 15 years of experience and the highest level of training, we are second to none.

Tuning EFI or Electronic Fuel Injection Management Systems

With the invention of electronically controlled fuel injection systems, the goals have been speed, performance, precision, accuracy, and reliability. With all these goals in mind, many OEM's will build a high quality computer to read sensors and control actuators on the engine/chassis. The problem is that these computers are very specific in what they will control as well as how they can control certain devices. When an engine is modified from the OEM's original design, the calibrated control unit is no longer capable of controlling the engine as well or at all in some cases. For this reason, the necessity of tuning will arise.

In some cases, the OEM has provided a means to recalibrate the settings of the engine control unit via re-flashing or "chipping". In other cases, the OEM has locked out this potential making it necessary to install an after-market engine control unit (also known as an engine management system or "EMS").

Tuning an after-market system can vary in difficulty according to the type of application it is being used on. The typical convention is to determine what the use of the vehicle will be and purchase a system with similar or exceeding control potential as the OEM intended. The added benefits to installing an after-market computer are: eases tuning by allowing live control, non manufacturer specific sensors can be used in replace of factory sensors, setups can be modified MUCH more over what OEM level calibrations would allow, each system can be used on many different engine configurations, and some systems even allow for something called "map" switching which allows the user to have the engine tuned for multiple power levels on different types of fuels.

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